computer science engineer

specialized in data science and business intelligence

Creative, ambitious and passionate


Experience as a developer and data analyst for real-time telecom market data analysis

data skills

Experience in data analysis, parallele processing and machine learning. SQL, pandas, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, R, d3.js, ...

Protein Interaction

Research on data reduction technics and machine learning at GEU for protein interaction prediction

programming skills

Python, Java, C, C++, and Ruby.
HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, Angular.js and jQuery. Facebook, Google and Twitter APIs.

Polytech Abroad

creator and leader of a website for the 14,000 students of Polytech to share their experiences abroad

communi​cation skills

Good interpersonnal relationships. Fluent in French and English. Experience leading a partnering team located in Bangalore, India.

recommender systems

Built Java tool to visualize item proximity of Orange VOD recommender system.

accounting skills

Deep sense of accountability. Took marketing, accounting, economics and financial mathematics classes.

Data journalism

Winner of data journalism competition about the energy consumption of the Internet – 1st prize Hyblab 2014